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This page is a collection of all the cheats and glitches that appear in the game Theme Park which have been sorted by consoled or gaming platform. When your hired people go on a strike, they will be outside the park demonstrating. To get them back gears 5: ecco le novità del nuovo aggiornamento work without paying them, simply pick them up and place them anywhere in your park.

At the first naming screen, set your name as "bovine" if you have put it incorrectly you should hear a cry of "Yeah" after you have selected the tick. In game hold down the "X", "Square" and the circle key to activate and you will receive cash more if you hold it down longer as well as having all rides, shops, and features becoming available.

Theme Park Cheats

If the chat works then a message box should come up saying that you've just created. The longer you press down the keys the more cash you receive. While entering the nickname, set the name to "dead" And if done correctly you'll hear the sound of the guest going "Yeah" Once you start your play press the A, B and C button all at once.

You'll hear a continuous sound playing. This will unlock all rides, shops ,and features as well as a large amount of money "holding down all 3 for will grant 1m for every second the buttons are held". Then while playing the game, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:.

First, get or build a shop. Then if you need a toilet or another attraction right with the shop but no room, right-click on a spot not the entrance and it will delete that part of the building, but it looks the same.

Then put the toilet or attraction, even a shop there. It might look like its not there, but it is. Also, you can hit Shift-Z for all scenery. Ctrl-Z for all the rides, and Alt-Z for all the shops. For a megapark, enter your nickname as "DEMO", then continue. This will load up a Megapark with most of the rides but a few problems for you to fix.

Sign In Don't have an account?Theme Park Inc. It is the sequel to Theme Park World The player starts out as the assistant manager of a theme park, hired by the president of the company to take over his position. To do this, the player must build and manage a theme park with three unique zones: Land of Invention, Polar Zone, and Arabian Nights. Each zone has unique rides, sideshows and scenery items. The player is guided by the president and his directors each of whom specialize in a specific area of park managementand is aided by a blue spherical creature, named the Advisor, who gives the player advice.

The player must hire staff to maintain the park, keep guests happy, and research new items for the player to build. Staff members must be kept well-rested and happy, or they may go on strike. To advance further into the game, the player must complete several objectives. These objectives involve training staff for a specific job to unlock a new section of the park zone, or completing challenges to gain golden tickets, which are required to beat those objectives. Challenges include keeping guest happiness levels high, making sure a ride does not break down, or making a certain amount of profit from a specific ride.

Completing these challenges will give a specified number of golden tickets, and certain challenges must be completed to complete an objective. However, if the player fails too many challenges, they will be fired and the game will be over. The objective of the game is to become the new boss of Theme park Inc by accruing a majority stake in the company and several park awards e. Theme Park Inc, in comparison to Theme Park World, has a greater emphasis on the management of the park rather than the rides themselves.

The game requires more effort be put into finer aspects such as staff management, park layout, and guests' needs, as not doing so can make it more difficult to complete challenges and objectives. Theme Park Inc also introduced the Roller Coaster Editor, an in-built feature that allows players to create their own layouts for the pylon rides roller coasters and log flumes in the game.

The players can then save these designs and use them in the game proper. It was the country's 68th best-selling computer game between January and August Theme Park Inc received mostly positive reviews. IGN gave the game 8. IGN also states that the game is much improved from Theme Park World, in regards to the interface and advisor system. GameSpot gave the game a 6. Please help us!There are plenty of action-packed games for the extreme emotion seekers out there, but Theme Park World certainly isn't one of those.

Theme parks are a huge market all over the world, after all, who doesn't love them? These are magical places full of emotions and games to bring joy. They are the very definition of having fun, but there's a lot behind those parks, and it's not easy to keep them going.

But is Theme Park World as exciting as a rollercoaster ride? Electronic Arts bring yet another simulation experience here, we're here to talk about it. This is a simulation game about theme parks, but we're not going to be attending different parks or anything like that. A simulation game where we'll be the manager in charge of keeping the park running. We start the game with only the Lost World Prehistoric theme park, and as we progress we'll earn more points, money, and we'll be able to expand.

As you get more visitors you earn more money and unlock new attractions. Design your park carefully to keep the visitors happy and everything running like a clockwork. The game works a lot like the Zoo Tycoon titles, where we have to take care of even the planning of the park. You'll have to pick the best attractions to keep your visitors happy in Theme Park World, but keeping them happy is not just about the attractions.

Your park must offer bathrooms and cleaning services, even gift shops. It's an excellent managing simulation experience, and it would be the beginning of many other similar titles that were heavily inspired by this. This game is a little odd, you'd expect it to be first released on the PC, but the original PSOne version isn't that great. Mostly because of the controls and the graphic capabilities of the original PlayStation.

Making decisions feels great, and it's super important to make the right ones to get your visitors happy and make your park more successful. Being in a theme park is not all fun and games, but this game is pretty addictive and nice, especially for those looking for a relaxing and comfy title.

Graphic and visuals: The limited graphic capabilities of the original PlayStation aren't all that great. That's the reason why this game looks the way it does. But even with that, it still has a pretty solid visual style that makes it enjoyable. Gameplay: Getting more points and upgrading your park is highly addictive, and it feels rewarding.

The controls aren't too great, but they are alright. As you progress enough to get 4 golden tickets, you can get a video camera. This camera will allow you to interact with the park from a first-person point-of-view. This adds more fun since now you can finally play in all the games you've kept running for so long.

theme park (pc)

Sound: There's a decent soundtrack throughout the whole game. The basic theme park music is pretty much always playing in the background but it's not annoying. There are cool sound effects for the different rides, and all the attractions in the park sound completely different and unique.

There's also some voice acting from our assistant, and the sound of kids' laughter makes the game feel much more alive. Unlike Theme Hospital, this was made when most of the talent had left Bullfrog, making a mockery of the original Theme Park with garish, blocky graphics, a very console feel and none of the charm that made the first game such a joy.Theme Park is a construction and management simulation video game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts in The player designs and operates an amusement parkwith the goal of making money and creating theme parks worldwide.

The game is the first instalment in Bullfrog's Theme series and their Designer Series. Development took about a year and a half, with the team aiming for as much realism as possible. Certain features, including multiplayer, were dropped. Over 15 million copies were sold, and ports for various games consoles were released, most in Theme Park received generally positive reviews. Reviewers praised the gameplay and humour, but criticised console ports for reasons such as lack of save or mouse support.

Starting with a free plot of land in the United Kingdom and few hundred thousand pounds, the player must build a profitable amusement park. Also available as rides are shows called 'acts' with themes such as clowns and mediaeval. Visitors arrive and leave via a bus. The entry price can be set, and loans can be taken out.

Research must be carried out to purchase others. The topic of research and how much funding goes into it is determined by the player. Staff available for employment include entertainers, security guards, mechanics, and handymen.

Theme Park offers three levels of simulation: the higher difficulties requiring more management of aspects such as logistics. For example, at full level, the player must manage research, negotiations, stocks, and shares.

On sandbox, the game does not involve those aspects. Game speed can be adjusted, and staff can be moved by the player. The goal is to increase the park's value and available money so that it can be sold and a new lot purchased from another part of the world to start a new theme park.

Peter Molyneux stated that he came up with the idea of creating Theme Park because he felt the business genre was worth pursuing. Another reason is he wanted players to understand the kind of work running one entails. The three difficulty settings enable players to choose the desired depth: simply having fun creating a theme park, or making all the business decisions too.

Molyneux stated that the most difficult part to program was the visitors' behaviour. The story was originally to have the player play the role of a nephew who had inherited a fortune from his aunt, to be spent only on the world's largest and most profitable theme park. Molyneux explained that they were going for as much realism as possible.

There was to be a feature where a microphone is placed on a visitor and so the player could hear what they were saying, [31] and multiplayer support was dropped two weeks prior to release because of a deadline. Theme Park took roughly a year and a half to develop. Molyneux wanted him to create a colourful style to appeal to a Japanese market, but Carr disagreed and left Bullfrog.

Carr later retracted his beliefs and, instated that he considered the game a classic. The PlayStation port was developed by Krisalis Softwareand released in Theme Park received critical acclaim.

The gameplay, graphics, and addictiveness in particular were well received. A reviewer of Edge commented that the game is complex, but praised the detail and addictiveness. He also praised the "gloriously cartoony" graphics and "exceptional" soundtrack. The Jaguar version was noted by critics as having problems such as slowdown and lack of a save option, although some liked the graphics and gameplay.

theme park (pc)

The four reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly commented that the game itself is great fun, but that the Jaguar conversion had confusing menus and dithered text which is excessively difficult to read.

They summarised that "Ocean didn't work hard enough to make Theme Park look and sound good on the Jaguar". Their elaboration was that "Slow gameplay and confusing layouts keep it from ever achieving the addictiveness of the other 'god' games, and most players will find themselves bored before they've even run through all of the options".The direct sequel to Theme Park Theme Hospital and Theme Aquarium are thematic sequelsthe player constructs and manages an amusement park with the aim of making profit and keeping visitors happy.

The Mac version was published by Feral Interactive. The game was developed because personnel at Bullfrog wanted to bring the original Theme Park up-to-date. Theme Park World features four themes of amusement park, the ability to ride attractions, and an online service that enabled players to share parks. Reception was mostly positive, with reviewers complimenting the sound and visuals, although some were critical of the interface. Theme Park World tasks players with managing a series of amusement parks.

To do this, the player must choose how to spend their funds, finding ways to expand the number and scope of their parks while remaining profitable. Money can be used to purchase things such as new rides or attractions, and hire staff to maintain the park. As in its predecessor Theme Park, the staff available for recruitment include mechanics, cleaners known in some versions as handymenentertainers, and guards, but Theme Park World also introduces a new role: scientists known in some versions as researchers.

The staff repair rides, clean litter, entertain visitors, ensure the park's security and research new rides, shops, and attractions. Staff can be trained to make them more efficient, and require frequent rest in staff rooms. Rides can be upgraded to increase their reliability, capacity, and speed, as well as provide additional components for track-based rides, such as jumps and tunnels for race tracks, and loops for roller coasters.

Toilets and features such as bins, speakers, and security cameras can also be purchased. Various elements can be controlled by the player, such as the name of the park, the price of admission, the layout of the roller-coaster tracks, and the quality of goods in the shops. In the PlayStation version, certain rides and sideshows are playable as minigames such as races and 9 puzzles. The player can take loans and purchase additional land for the park.

A key focus is maintaining visitor satisfaction: the player is provided with feedback on visitors' merriment in the forms of a happiness meter, and thought bubbles.

The bubbles convey feelings such as confusion, pleasure, hunger, and hygiene, which are indicators of the park's success. There is an adviser who provides tutorials and information about the park's events. The player can earn golden tickets or keys for completing tasks such as getting a certain number of people in the park, reaching a certain happiness level, and making a certain profit in a year.

Golden tickets can be used to buy special rides that cannot otherwise be researched by park scientists, as well as unlock golden keys needed to open additional parks. The requirements for earning golden tickets are similar in each park, but get harder as the game progresses. In the PlayStation version, there are two parks for each theme. Each world has setting-appropriate rides, shops, and sideshows.

The player can ride rides, and tour the park in the first-person view. In the PlayStation version, four golden tickets are required to use the latter feature. There is also an Instant Action mode, in which the player starts with a pre-built park in the Lost Kingdom, some staff, and double the usual amount of money. It features automatic research and cheaper staff, tracks, and expansion, but certain rides, shops, sideshows, upgrades, and features are not available. Theme Park World Online.

The Theme Park World Online website contained news and updates to the game, and featured a page that contained published parks. Invitations to parks could be issued, and players could vote for their favourites. Competitions were hosted, with prizes awarded for the best parks.

theme park (pc)

Players could also visit others' published parks. Platinum Tickets, which were used to download rides from the website, were awarded when others visited the player's parks. Postcards could be sent by email, and the service offered a chat feature. The chat service had a function to report abusive players, who would have their connection terminated.

Players could also be blackmarked. An account was required to use Theme Park World Online.We have scanned the file and URLs associated with this software program in more than 50 of the world's leading antivirus services; no possible threat has been detected. Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are possibly false positives. It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program.

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Windows Games Theme Park Download. In Softonic we scan all the files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any potential harm for your device. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status.

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