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Spotify sketch ui

With various streaming apps cropping up left and right, we have noticed drastic changes in mobile or web application user interface designs. Whether it's a web page or an app, profile page design is a crucial part in social networking platforms. The user profile page is the most direct way for people to know each otherand it is also a symbol of personality. Having an excellent and eye-catching user profile makes you stand out, especially if you want to expand your brand.

So, the Mockplus team has compiled a list of 50 free profile page design samples and templates that will give you the inspiration you need to create profile pages that stand out. When you click the "Contact me" button, the email address, Twitter, and Facebook contact information will be displayed.

The card-style page design not only saves space but also looks simple. Rifayet Uday designed this profile page with a black layout and the contrast of colors creates a striking visual effect. The interface and interaction make for a fresh experience. This is a quick interaction idea for editing profile details shared by Sam Thibault. When the user clicks on the avatar, four options will pop up: profile, avatar, credit card, and messenger.

Users can click one of the buttons to edit the profile. The profile edit action is accompanied by fancy animation. It has a straightforward layout and functions are clearly displayed.

Through this app, fitness enthusiasts are able to share their posts at any time and interact with like-minded friends. Background: Advisor is a boutique firm of financial and investment strategists, with a long history of helping their clients develop and act on plans to achieve their financial goals. Background: Asana is an easy-to-use tool for online communication and collaboration, well-suited to teams with remote members.

It lets you know what your teammates are working on and who they're working with. It also helps you discover the most convenient way to communicate with your teammates. His use of a rounded pentagon for avatars make for an interesting and unique look. You can see various records on the profile page. There are several sports modes available, and you can switch between them whenever you want.

Web Developer vs Software Developer — What’s the difference?

The design also enables you to track your activities and movements in the different modes. Additionally, you can set goals for yourself and check recent routes. A very simple web-based profile page template that is really pleasing to the eye, this is perfect for designers who like things simple. This profile page has a clean, elegant, and fresh look. However, people with visual impairments may have problems using the app because of the light font and low contrast.

Designer Dmitriy moved the profile to the left side instead of displaying it centered, as it is with the current Instagram profile page. Moreover, he added some news functions on the left side, such as Feed, Explore, Notification, and stats, making navigation more convenient. Gregoire's redesigned LinkedIn profile page has a lighter touch and offers a more pleasant experience.

This Facebook profile page redesign is created by designer Jordan. It has a clear layout and exudes a sense of lightness. This 3-column layout is organized and neat.

It looks great, but the contrast of the titles and text in general against the background is a bit low. The following is an excellent collection of profile page design templates and mockups for web designers, developers, and artists. It includes 34 cool profile pages UI that you can use in your upcoming projects. Download for free now! Free PSD: profile design.

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The Echo Nest prides itself on the comprehensive algorithmic analysis of music. Having been acquired by Spotify, their analysis resources are available publically via the Spotify API. Each song within Spotify's library have been fully analyzed: broken up into individual beats, segments, tatums, bars, and sections.

There are variables assigned to describe mood, active volume, pitch, timbre, and more — even how "danceable" a track is. This project is my take on using their data to produce visual experiences. If you're interested in doing the same, I created spotify-viz as a reasonable starting point.

Pure CSS for multiline truncation with ellipsis

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spotify sketch ui

Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Beta CTAs. Git stats commits. Failed to load latest commit information.Web developers can be understood as software engineers who build applications for the internet and create design plans.

These web pages can include simple text files or complicated content. Web developers also handle the function and design of a website or web page. Web developers are creative people who develop websites from the ground up.

To do this, a web developer must be proficient in programming languages like JavaScript or Java. They should also be clear on the goals of the business, which will dictate the design of the website. Software developers, on the other hand, are responsible for creating more complex applications and programs for computers and mobile devices. They create, conceptualize, program, document, test, and upgrade software and their components. The software developed by software developers may not always need to be hosted, while the website or webpage developed by web developers has to be hosted through the internet.

Depending on the nature of the work, software developers can be broadly categorized as application software developers or system software developers. Application software developers design mobile and computer applications. Their work is mostly governed by the needs and wants of consumers. Their responsibilities include developing solutions for the software, monitoring performance, and modifying applications according to the changing tastes of the consumers.

On the other hand, system software developers are professionals who operate on system-level software, network distribution software, and compilers. This is more focused on the organizations which involve developing software for industrial, medical, military, scientific, aerospace, and communication computing applications. Both web and software developers are dependent on writing code. With that being said, excelling as a web developer or a software developer requires a different set of skills.

spotify sketch ui

A web developer must have a strong knowledge of advanced JavaScript. They must also learn Bootstrap to design the fundamentals of a website. Using code, a web developer must also be able to build a well-written, user-friendly website. A software developer can excel in the field in multiple ways. A highly professional software developer should have an understanding of the business operations of the organization; for example, the language of the business and its translation to technology.

Moreover, a software developer is expected to create solutions that are scalable and, at the same time, increase profits for the company. As opposed to web development, software development involves a broader range of skills including DevOps, which is used to unify software operation and development.

Both professions have their own advantages and disadvantages. The average salary of a software developer is higher, but web developers tend to earn more per hour due to market demand.

Web developers can also work remotely and do freelance work, so they enjoy added flexibility and are not limited to their location. Comparatively, software developers typically secure jobs at big organizations and government offices.

50 Free Profile Page Design Samples&Templates [PSD+Sketch] for Inspiration

Their work includes close collaboration with a team of computer programmers. Their work schedule may also include long hours spent on-site working with their development team as well as company executives.

Web development includes a wider range of compensation options. Web developers can pursue a career in areas like web design, graphic design, and web art.

(Mini Concept) Spotify Redesign

As their experience grows, web developers can acquire more advanced positions like Senior Web Developer or Software Engineer. Though both titles are similar, their core functions are different. In addition to their coding skills, software developers need to have adequate knowledge of the legal affairs surrounding the business. They may also be expected to handle databases. However, a web developer can freelance with various companies simultaneously, adding to their income potential.

If you have a creative mind and want to work with independence and flexibility, becoming a web developer may be the career for you. Instead, get involved in mock projects to practice your coding skills.

These mock projects could include a fictitious brand, a model website, or redesigning a real site.David is now working full time on Thoughtleaders — a marketplace for higly targeted content-marketing solutions for bloggers and brands.

CSS3 gave us the wonderful property, text-overflowwhich can do things like create ellipsis and gracefully cut off words. However, text-overflow has a serious limitation: it only works on a single line of text. A few days ago I had to truncate a multiline block of text. Sometimes it appeared far from the end of the text or fell over to the next line. In order to fully understand why this pure CSS solution is so awesome, I want to run through a few of the alternatives and the problems with each.

I hope that in future we will have a regular, non-vendor-prefixed CSS property. As of version To be honest I have never tried this property, but it allows you to use -webkit-line-clamp. This is an example of truncating the text in PHP. This method works fine in limiting the text, but requires messing with the server-side just to deal with presentation, which is supposed to the be the job of CSS. Clearly none of these options are perfect.

I wanted an easier and more bulletproof way to handle this, so I found that we can truncate text using two carefully placed CSS pseudo elements.

In order to do so, we have to handle the following cases:. Newsletter Past Issues. Podcast Master Class Events. Pure CSS for multiline truncation with ellipsis. Also included is a demo HTML file so you can test it out and see it in action. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and get links to our favorite articles and resources, plus exclusive, subscriber only content.

See what other members are saying. If you liked this post, show us some love and share it with your friends. You will be forever enshrined in Hacking UI glory. About the Author Latest Posts. Likes skiing, kitesurfing, books and ternary operators. Pure CSS for multiline truncation with ellipsis - October 13, It was then acquired by Radionomy in Since version 2 it has been sold as freemium and supports extensibility with plug-ins and skinsand features music visualizationplaylist and a media library, supported by a large online community.

Version 1 of Winamp was released inand grew quickly popular with over 3 million downloads, [8] paralleling the developing trend of MP3 music file sharing. Winamp 2. The 2. A now-discontinued version for Android was also released, along with early counterparts for DOS and Macintosh.

Winamp 5. The Radionomy team decided to release the version themselves to maintain security levels. A file specified on the command line or dropped onto its icon would be played. WinAMP 0. There was no position bar, and a blank space where the spectrum analyzer and waveform analyzer would later appear.

Multiple files on the command line or dropped onto its icon were enqueued in the playlist. Version 1. It showed a spectrum analyzer and color-changing volume slider, but no waveform display. The AMP non-commercial license was included in its help menu. This also means that Nitrane was unlikely to have been based on the AMP software, and was more likely evidence of a hastily written MP3 decoder that didn't concern itself with standards compliance. MP3 file "Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass".

By JulyWinamp's various versions had been downloaded over three million times. The new version improved the usability of the playlist, made the equalizer more accurate, and introduced more plug-ins. The playlist and equalizer windows now matched the player's skin and could be moved around and "docked" anywhere.

PlayMedia filed a federal lawsuit against Nullsoft in March Howard Matz against distribution of Nitrane by Nullsoft, and the same month the lawsuit was settled out-of-court with licensing and confidentiality agreements. Nullsoft relaunched the Winamp-specific winamp. As of June 22,Winamp surpassed 25 million registrants. The next major Winamp version, Winamp3 so spelled to include mp3 in the name and to mark its separation from the Winamp 2 codebasewas released on August 9, It was a complete rewrite of version 2, newly based on the Wasabi application framework, which offered additional functionality and flexibility.

Winamp3 was developed parallel to Winamp 2, but "many users found it consumed too many system resources and was unstable or even lacked some valued functionality, such as the ability to count or find the total duration of tracks in a playlist ".

In response to users reverting to Winamp 2, Nullsoft continued the development of Winamp 2 to versions 2. During this period the Wasabi cross-platform application framework and skinnable GUI toolkit was derived from parts of the Winamp3 source code. For LinuxNullsoft released an alpha version of Winamp3 on October 9,but has not updated it despite continued user interest.

During this time Winamp faced stiff competition from Apple 's iTunes. Winamp 5 was based on the Winamp 2 codebase, but with Winamp3 features such as modern skins incorporated via a plugin, [64] thus incorporating the main advantages of both products.

Regarding the omission of a version 4, Nullsoft joked that "nobody wants to see a Winamp 4 skin" "4 skin" being a pun on foreskin. A blue themed "Modern" skin became the default interface. The media library was improved, CD burning and ripping was introduced, and other additions. The original Nullsoft team quit in As of version 5.It's worth keeping a list of prizes you've won, in case they don't materialise.

If a prize doesn't arrive or it does but it's faulty, first politely prompt the company (contact details should be in the terms and conditions). If you get an unsatisfactory reply or hear nothing, get in touch with the Advertising Standards Authority. All advertising and marketing must follow a code of conduct called the CAP Code which sets out how competitions and promotions have to be run.

If you think a competition has failed to meet these rules, check the ASA's website to see if your complaint falls under its powers and make a formal complaint. The competitions board is a community, and etiquette dictates you post your own finds, as well as looking at the ones already posted.

It's unscientifically believed that posting your own comps increases your chances of winning. Don't worry too much. The board is a friendly place, and you're allowed to walk before you can run. If you don't find any comps, you can still help by researching answers. At the top left of the forum, there's a search box.

spotify sketch ui

Use a few different terms to be doubly sure. There's a specific format to post comps in, so people can search and track competitions. When writing the title, first put the end date, then a description of prize, like this:If there's an age restriction, add this to the end of the title, eg, (U16). If a comp has an end time, as well as date, post this in the title too. Then just post a link to the competition, explaining in your own words what the prize is.

Some firms complain about copyright when details are copied and pasted wholesale. Comps are everywhere: magazines, newspapers, websites, shops, the telly.

Scrutinise flyers in shops, supermarket shelves and websites. The more obscure the publication or product, the better chance of you being the first to post it on the forum. It's worth browsing WHSmith's magazine shelves for publications with comps.

If you're feeling brave, you could note down the details. The competitions board's only for comps that are free to enter, though those requiring a stamp, a postcard or a text are fine. While blind luck is out of your control, you do have control over the number of comps you enter. After some highly sophisticated number crunching, we came up the following surprising statistic: the more you enter, the bigger the chance of winning.

So get that mouse clicking. For that I put in approximately 1,500 hours or four hours per day. When looking for comps, you may come across websites and magazines charging to view lists of contests.


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