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Flowchart to calculate electricity bill

This means that you may use this flowchart in books, course manuals, handouts, presentations, and on the Internet with our permission as long as the flowchart is not altered, which includes displaying all headers, all URLs, copyright, and the Creative Commons license appearing on the flowchart.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available: www. The Flowchart is available as a 1-page PDF. How a Bill Becomes Law. Introduction of Bills. Bills can begin in either the House or the Senate. Different versions of a bill can begin in both chambers concurrently. Committee Action. The bill comes under its most intense scrutiny while in committee, and many bills die in committee.

Floor Action. Next, the bill appears before the entire House or Senate. The two chambers have different procedures for floor debate.

flowchart to calculate electricity bill

Senate: Senate debate is unlimited. Senators may speak at any length on any topic. Any senator can stop debate with a "filibuster. Second Chamber. Once one chamber has voted to pass a bill, the other chamber may:.

When the two chambers pass differing versions of legislation, the bill goes to conference — the "third chamber" of Congress. The President. The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate both sign the approved bill and send it to the president, who then has four options. Pocket Constitution. For a print directory of Members of Congress, see our Congressional Directory.

Bills can only be introduced by members of Congress. Many bills originate in the executive branch and are introduced by a congressional sponsor. New bills are numbered and sent to the appropriate committee. The bill is considered either by the full committee or a subcommittee. After hearings and study to "mark up" the bill, the full committee votes on a recommendation to the House or Senate.

The committee may order a "clean bill," with a new number, to be introduced. House: The House Rules Committee regulates debate for each bill, issuing the "rule" for the bill.Your monthly electric bill is based on consumption, and that consumption is denoted in kilowatt-hours. The kilowatt-hour kwhmeasures how much energy you use and also for how long.

That's why the unit has both an electric component as well as a time component. One kwh is consuming power at a 1,watt rate for a full hour. Think of 10 living room lamps burning watt bulbs for 60 minutes, for a practical demonstration of the unit.

To calculate your bill, check your meter for the amount of your consumption, then use the kwh price point to figure your total bill.

Read and note your electric meter reading. The meter measures kwh. To verify the electric company's bill or figure your own monthly bill, take a reading the same day of the month that the electric company is scheduled to read your meter. You can find this information on the bill, too. Read and note your electric meter reading one month later. Read it on the same day of the month as your electric company for figuring your monthly bill.

Subtract the first reading from the second. For instance, if your first reading was 12, and your second was 12, the result is Multiply the result by the kwh price. As an example, if the KWH price is Money Budget. Check your electric charges. Step 1 Check your electric bill for the kwh cost. It will be listed clearly. Step 2 Read and note your electric meter reading.

flowchart to calculate electricity bill

Step 3 Read and note your electric meter reading one month later. Step 4 Subtract the first reading from the second. Step 5 Multiply the result by the kwh price. Step 6 Divide the result by Here, the result is This is the dollar figure. Step 7 Round off to the nearest cent. Things You'll Need Calculator Electric bill. Share this article. Show Comments.Keep reading for ways to save on your electric bill. Home heating and cooling are 10 of the biggest culprits behind hefty utility bills — and the best places to look for cost-cutting opportunities.

NerdWallet can help you lower your bills and find you more ways to save money. Hot water is the second-largest expense in powering most homes, according to the Energy Department.

flowchart to calculate electricity bill

Cutting back on your hot water usage — in the shower, laundry and dishwasher — can make a sizable dent in your overall energy bill. At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. Our opinions are our own. Back to top. See how much you could save. Your bill provider Loading. See your savings. Track your bills and spending Join NerdWallet to see it all in one place and find ways to save. About the author. We want to hear from you and encourage a lively discussion among our users.

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How to Calculate Your Electric Bill

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How To Calculate Your Electricity Bill. Easy & Simple Explanation.

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Write a C++ Program To Calculate Electricity Bill Of Person using Class

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How to calculate electricity bill?

One way to address the problem is through the use of interactive activities and this web site provides many of those.Price Drop Alert : Find the best electricity rates for your home! Call Today! Alongside heating, cooling, and lights, every appliance or electronic device you use is reflected in your monthly energy bill. You can adjust your usage — and lower your bill — by unplugging or simply using those devices less.

To calculate your power consumption, all you need is a simple formula:. If you find that your bill is too high, it might be time to shop for a new energy plan.

Most devices have a label listing how many watts they use. Though the wattage of your particular device may vary, it should give you a rough estimate. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, here are typical wattage levels of everyday devices:.

The first step in calculating your energy consumption is to figure out how many watts each device uses per day. This will give you the number of watt-hours consumed each day. However, electricity on your bill is measured in kilowatt-hours kWhnot watt-hours. One kilowatt is equal to watts, so to calculate how many kWh a device uses, divide the watt-hours from the previous step by Now that we know how many kilowatt-hours the appliance uses per day, we have to estimate that usage over a month. Example: A television using 0.

So, a watt television that you use for three hours per day adds up to How does that translate to your electricity bill? Now that you know approximately how much energy your appliances and devices consume over the course of a month, we can estimate what that part of your energy bill will cost.

If you have a variable rate plan this can vary from month-to-month, so it becomes very difficult to estimate future electric bills.

Fixed rate plans allow customers to much more accurately estimate their electricity bill from month to month. You can search for fixed rate options by entering your ZIP code in the box below. The find out how much your appliances cost per month, multiply your electric rate by your monthly usage that we figured out in the steps above. Example: A television using While that might not seem like much, the appliances and devices throughout your home can really start to add up.

Remember, your appliances and devices only account for part of your energy bill. This does not take into account heating, cooling, and lighting.

If your home has a meter that you can read, you can multiply the number of kWh for that month by your electric rate like we did above to get a more accurate bill estimate. Another way to estimate your bill is to compile your bills from the past few months and find their average. Overall, calculating your energy bill is a matter of knowing your usage and what price you pay for energy.

Enter your ZIP code below to shop options in your area, or check out our Learning Center to read more about energy management. Calculate your power consumption.

Flowchart Bills - Calculating Gas Bills

Enter your ZIP code and get started Please fill in the item s in red below to see rates. Get Rates. In this article: How can I tell how much electricity I use each day? How can I find the wattage of a device? How to calculate my energy consumption How to calculate my electricity bill More energy articles. How can I tell how much electricity I use each day?

To calculate your power consumption, all you need is a simple formula: Calculate the watts each device uses per day Convert watts to kilowatts. There are watts in one kilowatt. Determine the kilowatts an appliance uses per month.In an ideal world, estimating your electricity usage would be as easy as looking at an itemized grocery receipt.

But you may be able to calculate some decent estimates using some simple, old fashioned arithmetic. Your kWh rate is printed right on your electric bill, and the average daily use is easy enough to figure. To determine the wattage of an appliance, look for a label or metal plate, which is usually in an inconspicuous place like the back or bottom of the appliance or device.

Divide by to convert watt-hours into. If your electricity rate is 12 cents per kWh, that means it costs 9 cents per day to use your television. Even if you know how to calculate your electric bill with just a pen and paper, you can learn a whole lot more about your energy consumption with a technological upgrade. Each product works somewhat differently, but most allow you to view detailed breakdowns and analysis of energy usage using an app or web browser.

This kind of information comes at a price, however -- you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a system like this, and some require an electrician to install it at an additional cost. There are cheaper ways to involve technology in this process. One is to use smart plugs, which are outlet adapters that can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app. Some smart plugs -- but not all -- feature wattage monitoring that you can use to verify the wattages of appliances throughout your home and track the energy consumption of your most frequently used devices.

An even less expensive tool is an electricity usage monitor with a built-in digital display, such as the Kill-A-Watt meter. Some models can automatically calculate kWh totals by day, week, month or year. Not sure what to do with all this new data on your home energy use? Take a minute to enter your zip code at Home Energy Saveran online energy assessment tool from the U.

Department of Energy. You can use this tool to see average energy use estimates in your area for typical and energy-efficient homes, as well as generate customized energy efficiency recommendations for your home. Our home protection products cover all the appliances and home systems you count on every day, plus a network of expert technicians who will be there when you need them. The Direct Energy Learning Center is your trusted source for a wide range of home-related topics such as energy efficiency, energy safety tips, weather preparedness, and more.

Tech Tools to Calculate Your Electric Bill Even if you know how to calculate your electric bill with just a pen and paper, you can learn a whole lot more about your energy consumption with a technological upgrade.

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