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Dac dirac

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Nov 17, 75 0 0. Hello I am evaluating Dirac package, opened a ticket with their support, but it is somewhat slow. When trying to load generated filter, get a generic error 'cannot load filter' without any kind of specifics what, why? Then just switch off the filters using slider in the processor panel, but still the sound was distorted In processor panel the output device is set to same ASIO Meitner Audio Any clue? Not clear. Jriver output should go to DL. May 21, 0 Yes, of course it works perfectly direct from Jriver.

It is not a driver issue, but related ro Dirac. Moreover, Dirac managed to generate sweep tones.The Dirac approach to exceptional audio quality is unique. Rather than simply working within the limitations of conventional effects and EQs, we instead break the traditional boundaries that leave mobile audio sounding lifeless, and transform headphones and mobile devices into full-fledged entertainment centers that deliver superior, dynamic audio quality anywhere and everywhere.

Smartphones are more than just phones. Dirac explores the enormous potential of mobile device applications where superior audio is vital to the experience. We help turn movies on-the-go into immersive, panoramic sound experiences, and give mobile devices the power to optimize any sound system.

All mobile products powered by Dirac. Our headphone optimization and mobile audio solutions take the headphone listening experience to a new level. Our headphone optimization solutions offer the purest possible sound and an immersive, panoramic sound stage that take the headphone listening experience far beyond what was previously thought possible.

Mobile devices are often our speakers on-the-go. But the size of these devices creates extreme challenges for engineers in creating superior sound quality.

Instead, mobile audio is notoriously thin, distorted, and plagued by weak bass. We have developed tailored solutions to help engineers break through these limitations and drastically enhance the sound quality and listening experience on mobile devices. For licensing of Dirac mobile technologies in China, please contact our team in China:.

For licensing of Dirac mobile technologies in Japan, please contact our partner Pioneer Corporation:. For licensing of Dirac mobile technologies in Korea, please contact our partner. For licensing of Dirac mobile technologies in other regions of the world, please contact Dirac here. Alcatel uses Dirac sound optimization technologies in their smartphones. Dirac technologies are featured in Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. Dirac sound optimization technology is featured in Huawei smartphones.

Dirac sound optimization technology is featured in Infinix smartphones. Automotive Audio. Mobile Audio. Headphone Audio.

dac dirac

About Us. Online Store. Mar 28, Mar 22, Nov 29, Headphone Optimization Our headphone optimization solutions offer the purest possible sound and an immersive, panoramic sound stage that take the headphone listening experience far beyond what was previously thought possible. Learn More. Speaker Optimization. Learn more.Forums New posts Search forums.

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We now measure and review equipment for free! Click here for details. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter amirm Start date Mar 17, Mar 17, It also acts as a preamplifier with Phono and line in.

dac dirac

A cool feature is inclusion of Dirac Room EQ and balanced out and you get a killer feature set. The overall design looks quite nice with a larger and informative display:. Joined Mar 12, Messages 14 Likes I was suspicious of too many sources of refurbished NAD units popping up in a Google search thinking it could be an indication of quality issues with too many of them.

I've read another review that said the unit didn't start performing well until room correction was applied to it.

Matrix X-Sabre Pro DAC Review - Stream of Consciousness

Do you think it's possible they don't calibrate them much relying on calibration by the room correction software? Even if this is the case, it sounds like a weird decision still. If I understand you right, no digital inputs work, that the 1 issue. Secondly, Sinad readings are sub par, especially considering the unit's list price.

Do you think the poor Sinad readings are also indication of the defective unit? Thread Starter 3. No, the problem I found has nothing to do with Dirac. I should note that I had it update itself and made no difference.We know what you're thinking: what's a portable DAC and do you really need another new bit of kit when you've already bought the best headphones you can afford?

The best portable DACs, or Digital-to-Analogue Converters, can make a world of difference to your listening experience, making the music you play from your smartphone and through your headphones sound clearer, crisper, and bassier — and more like what the artist intended you to hear. Convinced by the need for an external DAC?

We've put the most popular models through their paces to bring you the best portable DACs you can buy today. The iFi xDSD is certainly eye-catching, with a ribbed metal casing and glossy finish giving a smartly premium look. The optional Bluetooth connection is hugely practical, utilizing an aptX compression format to stream wirelessly without needlessly impacting the audio quality.

You'll get the most benefit when using the fancier audio formats out there. It's able to play both DSD and PCM audio in their native formats, rather than converting one to the other — and risking further loss — before it reaches your ears. Using the DAC gives a sense of a careful control, aided by an analog volume wheel and numerous other settings to truly fine-tune your music, with separate settings for optimized mids Listen or frequency-agnostic Measure output.

Some will love the level of control and experimentation this affords them, though others may prefer 'one setting' DACs that don't require as much interference. The Chord Mojo below is still probably the natural choice for those wanting an industry-standard portable DAC that does the job in as few steps as possible.

The Mojo is one of the larger DACs we've tested as a result of the onboard battery that needs to be charged before you can use it with your iPhone.

Having to charge an extra device — even if that charge lasts for 10 hours — before listening to music out and about is hardly ideal, but that's the price you have to pay for the Mojo's more power-hungry innards.

Thankfully the Mojo puts that power to good use, delivering a much rounder sound than the stock iPhone jack. Without the Mojo the treble and bass frequencies tend to take over, but introduce the external DAC into the mix and the mids are much more present and full.

The device's size means it's a bit cumbersome, and not exactly an inconspicuous accessory. I ended up carrying the Mojo in my front pocket where I could easily access the device's volume controlswith the USB cable leading to my phone in my back pocket. This probably won't be your ideal setup, and that might mean leaving the Mojo behind when you're going out on the town.

Using the device at work, where I'm able to leave both my phone and the DAC on the desk, is a lot more user-friendly. Other features include a second headphone output and a cool lighting feature whereby the volume buttons change color based on the quality of the music file being received.

A portable headphone DAC and amplifier at an affordable price, it'll boost the audio performance of any device that sends sonics via a Bluetooth connection. It's about as simple as this sort of gadget can get — simply connect the M-DAC Nano to your smartphone or Bluetooth player of choice, plug a pair of wired headphones into the Audiolab unit and away you go.Correcting Digital room correction.

Or should we call it virtual room correction since we're not correcting the room, we're adapting the music's bits during playback to better suit the room. But in order to correct something, you first have to understand what, if anything, needs correcting.

Of course you can perform room correction by ear and you very well may come away with a sound that suits your tastes. But to really understand what's going on with the sound in your room, you need to analyze. You need to abstract the musical information into forms that represent various aspects of sound. The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite not only shows you how your music looks, it also shows you how they feel it should look.

The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, which is intended specifically for computer-based audio, consists of two applications—The Dirac Live Calibration Tool which requires a microphone, and the Dirac Audio Processor that implements the filters you create using the Calibration Tool. Using the Dirac Suite was simple and very straight forward and so was hearing its effects through the custom-for-my-room filters.

The real question is—do you like being corrected? A better listener? What the Dirac Calibration Tool does is measure your room's frequency and impulse response and then automatically generates an optimization filter to turn your lumps and bumps into a smooth line. Jack LaLanne for your hi-fi. To dig a little deeper, the Dirac software uses a Mixed-Phase filter, "that matches a desired magnitude response [more commonly called Frequency Response] while also having a customized impulse response".

According to Dirac, a mixed-phase filter is more difficult to design as compared to the more common minimum-phase and linear-phase filters, " So to put another way, the Dirac software looks at or listens to and presumably corrects your hi-fi's in-room frequency response and optimizes your time domain response. I'll just point you to the Dirac website's technical description page for more information since I would just be repeating what they have to say.

Setup Using the Calibration Tool is a snap. The first screen asks you to select your system configuration.

miniDSP introduces Dirac for their 2-channel devices

Music files with a sample rate higher than 96kHz will get downsampled when played back using the Dirac software. Then you set your output levels. If you think you could use more details for any of these steps, there's an on-screen Help section for each page that gives you all of the information you need. I did not include this in my screen shots because it made the image too small to read but trust me, its there.

There's also a page PDF manual that I only had to reference once or twice. Now's the fun part. First select the type of listening area you have, I selected "Chair", then position the microphone where the picture tells you to and click "Start".

There are three views to look at in order to help you place the mic in three dimensions. Once you place the microphone where you're supposed to and click "Start" the Dirac software plays three sweep tones. All in all you go through 9 positions around your listening area my chair in my case.

When you're finished, you get to see what kind of shape you're in.Super Best Audio Friends. Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. Position: On desk 3.


Differences between DACs to my ear are always quite subtle things, so grain of salt on all this, my system, my ears, my preferences, etc. I won't bother translating my thoughts on every single track. Cymbal air is however is wonderfully nuanced. Extremely clean sounding on this track. The decay and reverb on the intro are really beautiful on the XSP.

Also I think it might help as a visual to show how some other DAC reference compares to me in general gross sonic warm to bright for the community, "Bifrost Multibit Lampizator G DAC Red Filter. Benchmark DAC2" Last words? A beautifully built normal sounding Sabre DAC for clean freaks who like their Gin neat but of good quality.

Last edited: May 3, MrTieMay 3, YerimmsommersLyander and 22 others like this. The loaner unit honestly impressed me so much I ended up buying my own despite my original reservations about its potential synergy with my current system. Having owned the Gungnir MB in the past and loved every second of it that didn't involve waiting for it to warm-upI seriously considered just buying another Gungnir and calling it good, but perhaps my brain just wanted something different.

Now since I have my own, I've just been listening to my music enjoying myself, and thought I'd share some observations about it from a more personal point of view. These next observations are going to be more about the XSP in my headphone system as a whole, and not so much about the DAC in and of itself.

dac dirac

The XSP is surprisingly not that harsh towards crap recordings. Unlike what I expected, the XSP did not make mincemeat of the recordings. Now, this could be the fact that most of my listening right now is done using a Liquid Platinum connected via balanced; more on this chain later in the postor maybe because my transport is shitty USB from a PC remember, in my PC the optical is actually worse than the USB.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Best portable DACs: the best external DACs to replace your phone's awful amp

Join us on Facebook Here. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. AVUser Full Audioholic. This coupled with a power amp, will replace my Marantz SR Dirac Live 2.

UMik-1 included in price although I have this already. Dirac was key for me.


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