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Conscious rebirthing kriya

KY Kriyas for Western anatomy and physiology. KY Kriyas for Eastern anatomy and physiology. KY to Channel Energy up the Spine. KY for lower spine and elimination. KY for purifying the self. KY for the glands the circulation and the meditative mind. KY for disease resistance. KY for flexibility and the spine. KY for the use of reserve energy. KY for balancing head and heart. KY for the lungs and bloodstream. KY to tulburare statica vertebrala the Ajna.

KY to transform de lowest triangle to the highest triangle. KY for balancing the aura. KY for strengthening the aura. KY for the lymph system. KY Whahe Guru Kriya. KY for developing strength and balance. KY for conquering depression. KY for elimination apana exercises. KY for connecting with your source of infinite energy.

Kriya Yoga Preparation

KY for creating and conserving pranic energy. KY for energy and rejuvenation. KY to eliminate tension and stress.First posted: May. About this page: First posted: May. Controversial new age therapy.

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Also called ''breathwork. Rebirthing is breathwork. In a rebirthing session the rebirthee focuses on maintaining a connection between inhale and exhale, breathing as fully as possible for an hour or more. Your body gets filled with energy and is nourished as it receives more oxygen than it is accustomed to. Toxins are released from the muscles and cells, and exhaled. As the body and cells are cleansed and energized they also release emotional and mental "toxins" that are the result of emotions and traumas that have been suppressed and held in the body.

The rebirthee becomes more aware of thoughts, behaviors, and emotional patterns that are holding them back from living their lives the way they want. Rebirthing is called rebirthing because many times the suppression that comes up and is released is related to birth trauma.

When a rebirthee has released enough suppression usually in 10 to 20 sessions they have mastered the breath and feel safe enough with the process to rebirth themselves whenever they want.

What is Rebirthing? By Russell J. Rebirthing is an American form of prana yoga that is closest to Kriya Yoga. It may be called scientific breathing rhythm or spiritual breathing.

Simply described, it is a relaxed, intuitive, connected breathing rhythm, in which the inhale is connected to the exhale, and the inner breath is merged with the outer breath. This merging of pure life energy with air sends vibrations through the nervous system and circulatory system cleaning the body, the human aura, and nourishes and balances the human mind and body. Rebirthing - is a safe and powerful breathing process that releases tension from the body, freeing it, so that we may live to our highest vision and unlimited potential.

The breath is the ultimate healer. It is the umbilical cord to the divine. By using a variety of smoothly connected breaths, energy which may be called Prana, Chi or Ki, or life force, is taken into the body dissolving and washing away anything that is contrary to life.

When this takes place we become aware of our blocks and what has been holding us back; an inner cleansing occurs. It's like being a sponge and finally getting an opportunity to clear and release everything. You literally breathe underneath the pain, fear, trauma, and let it go.

This is not a mind therapy, it works with and on an emotional level. Different people react in different ways: some people cry, some express anger, some are very quiet. It does not matter how you react, what matters is that the process works and works very quickly.

Rebirthing Psychic Petrene Soames. Leonard Orr developed rebirthing in the s. Its purported goal is to resolve repressed attitudes and emotions that supposedly originated with prenatal and perinatal experiences. Practitioners, called "rebirthers," encourage patients to reenact the birth process.

Pro By Russell J. Crazy Therapies by Margaret Thaler Singer and Janja Lalich Alien abduction therapy, channeling, inner child work, and flower essence therapy are among the alternative therapy methods that this book says are harming thousands of people every day. Margaret Singer, a clinical psychologist for more than 50 years, and coauthor Janji Lalich, tell the stories of the countless individuals who turn over their innermost thoughts to a trusted counselor, only to be exploited.

Includes passing mention of rebirthing.Sit in Easy Pose. Pull Root Lock and Neck Lock. The left palm goes against the left ear, pressing so hard that it blocks sound from the outside.

The right elbow is bent and the right forearm points upward. The palm faces forward and the fingers are slightly spread. The eyes are focused on the tip of the nose. Listen to the sounds you are chanting as you hear them within your own head 16 minutes.

conscious rebirthing kriya

To finish: inhale, hold seconds, tense all the muscles of the body and exhale through the mouth like a cannon fire. Repeat this exercise two more times. Stretch out your arms and loosen up your elbows. Relax for minutes. Still in Easy Pose.

Use the hands to cover both ears tightly. If the lock should become unbearable at any time during the exercise, release the hands immediately.

Chant Har Haray Haree with the tip of your tongue and using the power of your navel 7 minutes. At the time of earthquakes, calamities and accidents, the radiant body gives a warning message at a very mild frequency.

conscious rebirthing kriya

These messages may be experienced as a vague feeling of anxiety. This exercise will develop your capacity to understand these messages clearly. To finish: Inhale, hold the breath 10 seconds and exhale through the mouth like cannon fire. The last time inhale, hold the breath 30 seconds and tighten every muscle in the body and exhale like cannon fire through the mouth.

Pat the air rapidly as if you are playing drums. The hands move alternatively and very quickly. The whole upper body participates. There may be pain in the fingertips as the body adjusts 1 minute. Cover your face and meditate in absolute stillness 4 minutes.

Whoever can master the stillness can get all the knowledge of the Universe. To finish: Inhale, reach your arms upward over your head, stretching your spine. Exhale and twist to the left side and to the right side. Inhale and stretch forward so that your head and arms stretch out along the ground. Exhale and relax.These are the 20 Kriyas I was initiated into.

Kriyas can be a single practise which takes a few minutes. In my case, it was a series that produced complete stillness of mind at the end of each practise of 90 minutes to 2 hours long. I does involve dedication. At the end of the practise. Kriya Yoga is a set of practices that produce thoughtlessness, step by step through 20 practises. Kriya Yoga and the practise of its core elements reduces thoughts within a series of directed movements and actions rather than passive meditation approaches.

This usually requires systemic long term preparation. Kriya Yoga is a practise or series of 20 practices that are repeated in a varied number of times. The mind is so busy being directed by this series of 20 that there is little or no thought at the end of the series — a provoked stillness.

In truth, this empty no mind can happen at any stage during the series of 20 Kriyas also, and can also occurs just in the preparation practices — the core elements of each of the 20 in the series, which is stage 1. Kriya Yoga accelerates spiritual evolution by processing subconscious material energetically.

It is one of the quickest ways of speeding personal spiritual evolution. This is invoked through asana and mudras — subtle body movements, conscious breathing, bandhas — locks in the body and inner visualizations through the Chakras, along with mantra, kumbhaka, retentionpranayama psychic breath and changes in breathing, and more.

Because these are all done in quick succession in the series of 20 Kriyas, the core elements need to be learned separately and be moved into within a few seconds after a string of one word instructions to perform each of the 20 practices that make up the full practice — the final stage 3.

Think of stage 1, the core element class training as a class in itself AND a training. Therefore there is no need to attend each class and each person can choose how often they want to come in the future after these intro sessions. In stage 3, when the 20 Kriyas are being facilitated, however, the only way people will be able to stay in tune with the instructions is if they can perform the whole practise of each core element exercise from a one word command.

Each class of core practises will be beneficial in itself anyway. Remember these are high gradient evolutionary practises. The first half hour of each session is devoted to answering questions and hearing about experiences.

It is not just a class as it is also a training. They are also available as live-in intensives in byron bay. Re stage 3 — 20 Kriyas — No one will want to start stage 3 until there is quite a bit of expertise with the other stage1 — core elements. Stage 3 can be as a retreat of six days or by attending regular facilitation which is planned as monthly two hour sessions in Sydney — whenever there is a body of participants who are prepared to take this stage 3.

He advises care with the practice and sound preparation. These are advanced high gradient practises. They produce a quickening of energy in spiritual development that produces two results by-products. One is that the practises process and clears unresolved material — emotional or psychological blocks, energetically, without any of the material being brought to the surface of conscious awareness or experience.

The other phenomena is that the practises explode unresolved material — emotional or pschological blocks into the practitioners external world. This externalisation can be in a form that can range from very mild to intensely cathartic. In spiritual terms it can become a psycho-spiritual crisis. It may interrupt day to day life for a period of time and involve symptoms of transformation of consciousness.

These areas are still being charted in Western life and are still being defined.

conscious rebirthing kriya

Traditionally ashrams and the long term initiates — those who have trained with a living Master of Yoga have been specifically in service to support this sort of phenomena in spiritual life.Follow us on:.

Number of visits: Last website update: Laya Kriya is a technique relying on attaining the state of Pratyahara — an overview of life and events, which allows reaching hidden levels of the subconscious, also referred to as the lower self anava.

Then, by working with mind, it facilitates reaching to direct causes of problems originating from the past. This immemorial system of natural, conscious, and circular breathing is recommended as the first of ten methods of ridding oneself of Vyadhi — illnesses and ailments of a human being verse I. This happens because during joined breathing, we receive a great amount of healing energy, Pranah.

Thus, joined breathing is used as an anesthetic for procedures or relieving the effects of painful experiences. When spiritual energy flows through the body, it helps purify negative energy blocks and restores the energetic body balance.

During stressful situations in our lives, emotional reactions occur, which cause for decisions and reactions specific for that stressful situation to be stored in our subconscious minds. Past reactions and decisions start to have impact on our behavior even if the current situation resembles the one from the past only superficially.

As a result of such a code, we react inadequately to what actually happens. Such reaction strategies are completely ineffective, and sometimes even harmful to our interests. It turns out that many of them are introduced to the subconscious in altered states of mind. Remembering why and how it happened may lead to liberation.

However, effects of the liberation depend on the intentions and imagination of the person undergoing the process of psycho-spiritual renewal. The code written in mind is the foundation of human fate, the so-called karma. The history of European psychology counts merely over years.

Many communities have traditionally taken, and still do, a negative stand towards studying consciousness, not to mention memories from past incarnations or psychic abilities, as well as many phenomena occurring in relation to altered or higher states of consciousness.

conscious rebirthing kriya

Therefore, the society often receives false information about them. Still unwelcome in the scientific community are empirical studies on modern therapies involving spirituality and their results.

Rebirthing Breathwork

The reason for that is the embarrassing level of psychological research methodology. Indeed, instead of repeating mass experiments and research done long ago, knowledge of Life Yoga should be immediately included in the curriculum for psychology, psychotherapy and medical students. Such statements can only be assessments of incomplete methods they derived from, or intentions of instructors who feel too attached to their own negativities.

Some leaders of transpersonal, soul- and spirit-touching therapies and trainings are too busy negotiating salary for their questionable quality services, instead of focusing on the good of the patient, whom they refer to as the client, as if they were purchasing something in a shop.In this workshop, Bir Kaur will guide you through one of those kriyas.

This one will focus on cleaning the clutter of your mind. The brain is such a highly sophisticated computer that God gives us. If it worked out even a part of what it could work out, it would be more than anything we have ever produced or we know how to produce. This workshop is perfect for the intermediate student or enthusiastic beginner as meditations and kriyas are longer in time than a typical Kundalini class. Note this rebirthing kriya is unique compared to rebirthing kriyas from other lineages.

No prior experience is necessary. Cancellation Policy. Bir Kaur Khalsa helps others embody the courageous warrior within themselves so they can experience the richness of life with more ease, while not giving into the overwhelming chaos of the world.

She offers healing and teaches people with chronic emotional or physical pain how to harmonize their mind, body and spirit through Zero Balancing and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

She has over 18 years of experience and education in western and eastern healing modalities. Please arrive early to avoid disrupting the group. Thank you. About the Teacher. We Recommend. Got a Question? We're Here to Help. Ask Away.Rebirthing is both a great teaching source and is also provides excellent guidance for personal growth and knowledge.

All Kundalini Yoga students and teachers can use this book, and it is especially recommended for those needing to clear their sub-conscious, which is what re-birthing is all about.

Using this material you can learn to heal the pain of the past and overcome any obstacles standing between you and your goal of living your best possible life — a life in which you are awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose. For the very first time, every one of these powerful kriyas has been made available within a single manual, accompanied by the full material from the lectures which accompanied them.

All 31 of his courses are included in this manual. The idea of rebirthing is to release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery - Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was the trail-blazing visionary who introduced the world to the amazing, but hitherto secret, teachings of Kundalini Yoga and, for the very first time, revealed its incredible life-transforming potential.

Yogi Tea Bulk Classic 1lb. Kriya - Classic Kundalini Yoga Sets. Sadhana Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga. Sexuality and Spirituality. The Gift of Womanhood. Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies.

From Vegetables with Love. Transitions to a Heart Centered World.

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