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Celebrate recovery lesson 6 powerpoint

For me, and probably most people reading this blog, my passion is climbing. I found it the first moment of the first day I ever went to a climbing gym. It was a feeling of being alive, and energized. I just knew that I wanted to keep it in my life forever. Over time, the world of climbing opened up and became even more interesting and consuming. There were all those milestones—my first outdoor project, my first first hard redpoint, my first big-wall, my first big wall free climb—and with each one, climbing needled itself deeper into me and became part of the fabric of my soul.

As climbers, we should count ourselves lucky to have actually found a passion in life—something that pulses with each heartbeat, something that gets us up a little earlier each day, with a little more energy, a little more drive, and whole lot more meaning.

Not everyone in this world is so lucky, and often times, when that passion is missing, it often seems that we turn to unhealthy obsessions to fill that primal need. Before climbing, I played a bunch of sports—anything physical. I was the girl out on the field roughhousing with the boys rather than playing with dolls and toy kitchens. For some reason, each sport that I played ultimately fizzled.

I just got burnt out, or something. With swimming, I remember the moment as clearly as the water of the pool that I was about to dive into. I loved swimming, but there was no progression beyond shaving seconds off your times. The spark was gone.

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I quit tennis, too. Whacking the little yellow ball back and forth, back and forth, in the blistering sun, caged in the tennis court. Doing drills on a team and having that structure definitely kept me engaged—but where is the future in that?

I was a shrimp in giants game. I dropped all team sports the day I entered the climbing gym. At first, it was all about the comps. I spent two to eight hours a day pulling plastic. I climbed until my hands shook, and my skin was raw and bleeding.Si quieres darte de baja, cierra tu cuenta de SlideShare. Publicado el 13 de ene.

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English book 2 Teacher - Level 5 b1. Parece que ya has recortado esta diapositiva en. Inicio Explorar. Puedes cambiar tus preferencias de publicidad en cualquier momento. Teacher 5 english. English book 2 student - Mostrar SlideShares relacionadas al final. Full Name Comment goes here.

Are you sure you want to Yes No. Christina Campbell www. I always order there. A friend of mine asked them to write a whole dissertation for him and he said it turned out great!

Afterwards I also ordered an essay from them and I was very happy with the work I got too. Yolanda Osborne I have always found it hard to meet the requirements of being a student. Ever since my years of high school, I really have no idea what professors are looking for to give good grades.

Joel Erick Licoa Parraga. Tay Briones. Edward Santos. Marlon Miranda. Sin descargas. Visualizaciones Visualizaciones totales. Acciones Compartido. Insertados 0 No insertados. No hay notas en la diapositiva. Teacher 5 english 1. Amazonas N y Atahualpa Quito, Ecuador www. English B1. The series also intends to show learners the variety of topics and subjects through which they can learn English not only as a language, but also as a vehicle to learn information from areas such as social studies, natural science and popular culture.PATH trains run around the clock year round; four routes serving 13 stations operate during the daytime on weekdays, while two routes operate during weekends, late nights, and holidays.

Its tracks cross the Hudson River through century-old cast iron tubes that rest on the river bottom under a thin layer of silt.

The system began operations in and was fully built out in Three stations have since closed; two others were re-located after a re-alignment of the western terminus.

celebrate recovery lesson 6 powerpoint

In the s and s the system suffered considerably from disasters that affected the region, most notably the September 11 attacks and Hurricane Sandy. Both private and public stakeholders have proposed expanding PATH service in New Jersey, and construction on an extension to Newark Liberty International Airport is projected to start in Although PATH has long operated as a rapid transit system, it is legally a commuter railroad under the jurisdiction of the Federal Railroad Administration FRA ; its trackage between Newark and Jersey City is located in close proximity to Northeast Corridor trackage and shares the Newark Dock Bridge with intercity and commuter trains.

celebrate recovery lesson 6 powerpoint

All PATH train operators must therefore be licensed railroad engineers and extra inspections are required. Construction began on the existing tunnels inbut soon stopped when funding ran out. Construction started on the first tunnel, now called the Uptown Hudson Tubesin Jacobs, used a different method. He had workers push a shield through the mud and then place tubular cast iron plating around the tube. By the end ofthe New York City Board of Rapid Transit Commissioners had given the company permission to build a new subway line through Midtown Manhattan to connect with the Uptown Hudson Tubes, along with 26 years of exclusive rights to the line.

The Midtown Manhattan line would travel eastward under Christopher Street before turning northeastward under Sixth Avenuethen continue underneath Sixth Avenue to a terminus at 33rd Street. Three years of construction using the tubular cast iron method finished in Test runs of empty trains started in late The substations were the Jersey City Powerhouse, as well as two smaller substations at the Christopher Street and Hudson Terminal stations. The station was completed by Februaryallowing service from 33rd Street to terminate there.

There were early negotiations for New York Penn Station to also be shared by the two railroads. In SeptemberMcAdoo proposed another expansion, consisting of a second north-south line through midtown. It would run 4 miles 6. The new line would run mainly under Broadwaywith a small section of the line in the south under Church Street. Under McAdoo's plan, the city could take ownership of this line within 25 years of completion. The Broadway line, going southbound, would merge with the local tracks of the IRT's Lexington Avenue line in the southbound direction at 10th Street.Everything you need to be your most productive and connected self—at home, on the go, and everywhere in between.

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celebrate recovery lesson 6 powerpoint

This student had no choice but to draw a man dolphin after realizing that he or she may fail the test. Fortunately for the student — and the rest of the class — the teacher liked the man dolphin drawing. Teachers are not gods, but they know what you are up to even before you start doing it. They are experts in identifying who are faking it, and who are doing the real studying.

Give your teachers some respect and pay attention to the lessons they are imparting. Then again, you have two choices. Either master the art of the poker face while reading texts while your cellphone is on your crotch, or stop looking at your phone while it's on your crotch. Can you not wait until the class is over? Remember, patience is a virtue.

celebrate recovery lesson 6 powerpoint

Either this class is filled with students who have superhero powers and they are being trained on how to properly use it, or their teacher is messing with them. Either way, this homework is a good way for them to practice reaching beyond their grasp and doing what they can for the good of all.

That is if they could first master the art of Kung Fu — odd that the teacher prioritized this instead of ending world hunger. Maybe because Kung Fu is easier and more fun to do?

The deadline for all these to be completed is Monday next week. After this, write a personal reflection on your experience. And hope for the best that the teacher is actually grading your work and not just getting a laugh out of your efforts. If you recognize the face on the projector, be warned that it is your classmate specially mentioned by the teacher because he was using Snapchat in the middle of the lecture.

It is unclear though if the other students got the message. After all, the call of the internet world is strong, and students being students, their spirits — and their resistance to check their phones every two to three minutes - are weak.

The teachers in this school have probably had it up to their heads in paperwork and decided to entrust the profession of teaching to anyone who is available, right here and now.

Meet Professor Tree — an expert in oxygen production, carbon dioxide processing, and chlorophyll making. They also know a thing or two about climbing cats and pooping birds.

Feel free to ask them questions about life and how it feels being blown by the wind. They are now charging fees to put a good word in on each student to their parents.If additional holes are played to declare a single winner then this will be used for settlement purposes. Outright Betting Including The FieldNon-runner no-bet apart from The Field.

PATH (rail system)

The price for The Field includes all players not quoted in this market. Bets are accepted win only. Above outright betting rules apply. Betting Without a Nominated Player(s)Dead-heat rules apply to win bets unless the excluded player(s) does not win the tournament. Dead-heat rules also apply to the Place part of Each-way bets. Group BettingThe winner will be the player achieving the highest placing at the end of the tournament.

Any player hr report format free download the cut will be considered a loser.

If all 2h fury classic spec miss the cut then the lowest score after the cut has been made will determine settlement.

Non-runner no-bet deductions in line with Rule 4 (Deductions) will apply. Dead-heat rules apply except where the winner is determined by a playoff.

If a tournament is affected by adverse weather bets will be settled providing that there is a deemed tournament winner and a minimum of 36 holes are completed. The winner will be the player in the lead at the end of the last completed round. Finishing Position of a Named PlayerIn the event of a tie for a finishing position the tied position will count. For example, a tie with 5 other players for 8th place will count as a finishing position of 8th.

If one player misses the cut then the other player is deemed the winner. If both players miss the cut then the lowest score after the cut has been made will determine settlement. If a player is disqualified or withdraws after starting, either prior to the completion of two rounds or after both players have made the cut, then the other player is deemed the winner. If a player is disqualified during either the 3rd or 4th rounds, when the other player in the match bet has already missed the cut, then the disqualified player is deemed the winner.Make: and Maker Faire are registered trademarks of Maker Media, Inc.

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I actually had two additional libraries on my iMac, and I have no idea why. This can be caused by apps that were deleted long ago, or even duplicates. It had come over from several backups and they were already backed up to an external, leaving no need them to take up space. You can think of DaisyDisk as a pack of hounds with one job sniffing out large files on your hard drive and drawing your attention to them.

Service files and app remnants can eat up terrible amounts of disk space. Sometimes I download apps with every intention of using them, and then I never do. This is where I end up deleting them. If I ever need them again, I can just re-install. AppCleaner also lets you pick and choose what files you delete inside an app.

That being said, AppCleaner does an excellent job of helping you clean up unused apps that are hogging unnecessary storage. And whenever you add another piece to your workflow, it seems the duplicates always love to come back in droves. If you suspect you have duplicate photos floating around in your library, there are tons of apps available to help you clean them up.


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