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Quick reality check, as of the date of publication it has been 89 days since we wrapped up Steubenville Week 1 or 82 days since Steubenville Week 2.

Regardless of which weekend you attended, both conferences wrapped up with a speaker presenting a challenge. Kim from Week 2. Here we see Jesus with Peter, James and John up on a mountain and following the transfiguration, when Jesus reveals more fully his divinity, the disciples wanted to set up camp and stay put in that amazing moment.

However, the disciples had to descend the mountain. Continue reading.

Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

Summer is over. School is back in session. Games, practices, and rehearsals are in full swing. Praise God that we have these opportunities before us but all of these changes can mean life is pretty crazy. Do you feel a little overwhelmed? Wish you could go back to summer? Sleep in and spend countless hours with friends? Here are four suggestions to bring back the Steubenville experience and help others to do the same.

Although it's already the 4th week of advent, you still have time to reflect on Jesus' coming if you haven't already.

Come Lord Jesus! A post shared by Steubenville St. Louis steubystl on Dec 20, at pm PST. How is your advent going? Louis steubystl on Dec 13, at pm PST. Louis steubystl on Dec 6, at pm PST.

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SteubySTL on Twitter. Louis are dispensed from their obligation to attend Sunday Mass until April. Durin… 35 days ago Registration for steubystl goes live at am CST today!

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Brian Kissinger lives in Gaming, Austria, where he serves as director of Student Life for Franciscan University's study abroad program. He has a passion for sha STL1 MC5. Jason Evert has spoken about the virtue of chastity to more than one million students on six continents. He is the author of more than 10 books, including How t Jimmy Mitchell is a speaker and musician who believes that beauty will change the world.

He's the founder and chief curator of Love Good, a media discovery plat Louis Mid-America 1 Media. All Videos Audio. Back To All Media. Rachel Allen - The Shepherd - Steub. Steubenville Conferences. Jul 10, Paul J. Kim - The Thief - Steubenvi. Matt Fradd - Men's Session - Steube. Rachel Allen - Women's Session - St.

Father Christopher Martin - Saturday Hom. Matt Fradd - Saturday Keynote - Ste. Kim - Sunday Keynote - Steu. Sunday Homily - Steubenville St.


Mike Schmitz - Saturday Homily. Jul 12, Mike Schmitz - Workshop 1 Suffering. Jason Evert - Workshop 4 Service. Jason Evert - God Is Talk Jul 11, Cooper Ray - God Is Talk As we enter in to Triduum, make the most of it by journeying as a family.

Here are 5 ways to help you out. Please let amyeschelbach archstl. Visit here for more information and to register. This school year we are continuing to gather with fellow youth leaders for fellowship, prayer, and collaboration. We have already had three gatherings. Last year we invited campus ministers to join us for the first time and both gatherings have sparked great conversation and collaboration.

We meet with youth ministers every month to discuss various topics in youth ministry. Campus ministers are always welcome to join; twice a year our gatherings will focus solely on youth minister and campus minister collaboration.

The Office of Youth Ministry. STL Gathering Ad. Submitted by Amy Eschelbach on February 12, - pm. Search this site:. Luke 18 - ICD. Charles Borromeo Spring Retreat. Encounter-Incarnate Word. Incarnate Word T4 Retreat. A Division Of:. Supported by:. Follow the OYM. Triduum at Home. Catholic Cub Day - Adapted for at home. Catholic Adventure Week STL Gathering for Youth Ministers This school year we are continuing to gather with fellow youth leaders for fellowship, prayer, and collaboration.On the short week, give me the home team to bounce back in the first of two late-season battles between these NFC South foes.

We could be on the path to Jacoby Brissett vs. If you're in the viewing area, turn on the Red Zone. This is a big one--and a potential playoff matchup in January. After a road game last week, don't be shocked if the Vikings trip up.

Steubenville STL Mid-America

Carolina's defense will make things difficult on Case Keenum and Cam Newton will win this one with his legs. The Bengals technically are still in the AFC playoff race. That'll last at least another week. My upset of the year: Cleveland gets a win. As everyone waits for Aaron Rodgers to return, the Packers stumble on the road one week after an overtime game.

Houston doesn't have many more opportunities for wins. This is one of them against a team in the midst of a back-to-back on the road. Expect a close one. I'm refusing to totally jump ship on the Chiefs. Andy Reid is too good of a coach to let this season slip away. Alex Smith and Co.

The Lions aren't good enough, but they'll give fans some hope with a win over a poor Bucs team that likely will be looking for a new coach soon. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with a Titans team that looks far worse than its record.

A proud Cardinals team can be the group to knock them off. QB power rankingsNew York Jets (-1) at Denver BroncosImagine telling someone before the season that the Jets would be road favorites in Week 14. It's with good reason.


If logic wins out, the Chargers will win the AFC West, host a playoff game and walk into Pittsburgh or New England in the Divisional Round as a dangerous team. Logic rarely wins out with the Chargers.

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams (-2)Get your popcorn ready for this one. Two of the best teams in the NFC. The two top quarterbacks (and overall players) selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. Coach of the Year candidates. Los Angeles' great special teams unit will make a big play, but Carson Wentz will bounce back to lead a game-winning drive.

It's impossible to feel confident in taking Blake Bortles in a game he's laying points to Russell Wilson. Earlier this season, Pittsburgh blew the doors off Baltimore. The Ravens bring a big-time defense to this one and will keep it close. It's amazing how many bad prime time games Miami has been in this year. Get ready for another.

All rights reserved (About Us). The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Your weather is set to. You can change the location at any time. Consider this a one-stop shop guide to picking every (or at least the majority) game correctly.The Statistics department has set up a memorial site for tributes to Professor Peter Hall, who passed away in January 2016.

How to find us We are located on the fourth floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building. Please try again or select another dataset. Stat includes data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies. GDP, FDI, Health, unemployment, income distribution, population, labour, education, trade, finance, prices, Economic Outlook, Government Debt, Social expenditure.

Information Please check the i to get information Powered by. Industrial engineering, operations research, and systems engineering are fields of study intended for individuals who are interested in analyzing and formulating abstract models of complex systems with the intention of improving system performance.

Unlike traditional disciplines in engineering and the mathematical sciences, the fields address the role of the human decision-maker as key contributor to the inherent complexity of systems and primary benefactor of the analyses.

At ISyE, we are a national leader in 10 core research areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Analytics and Big Data, Economic Decision Analysis, Health, Optimization, Statistics, Stochastics and Simulation, Supply Chain Engineering, Sustainable Systems Engineering, and System Informatics and Control. You can stay in touch with all things ISyE through our news feed, by reading one of our publications, or attending one of our upcoming events.

Our faculty is world-renowned and our students are intellectually curious. Our alumni can be found around the globe in leadership positions within a wide variety of fields. The emphasis in this cooperative program is on statistics as a science applicable in a technological environment. Although this program can prepare students for follow-on Ph. The program, which can be completed in twelve months, is designed to provide the graduate with competence in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and a sound understanding of statistical principles.

Students work with faculty actively engaged in research and prepared to teach the latest developments in statistics. The main body of courses for the M.

Those interested in statistics holding or anticipating an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, science, or some other field that indicates a likelihood of successful completion of the program are encouraged to apply.

Friday Night Keynote by Righteous B

Butler Endowed Chair A. Russell Chandler III Endowed Chair Harold E. Smalley Endowed Professorship UPS Endowed Professorship in Logistics Frederick R. ISyE Research Areas Interdisciplinary Research Centers ISyE Centers and LabsGT Research Areas Georgia Tech pursues leading-edge research with industry, government, and community partners.

NewsPublicationsFeatured Stories You can stay in touch with all things ISyE through our news feed, by reading one of our publications, or attending one of our upcoming events.Consumers are well aware that some reviews are fake, and when they see a small number of poor reviews, they are even more likely to trust all of the reviews on a site. Reviews also show off the popularity of your products. When thousands of people have taken the time to leave remarks about their purchases, it shows others that there have been a lot of sales, many people trust the investment, and it feels a whole lot less risky to buy.

Overall reviews can be a very useful addition to your site: your customers will appreciate them, and you should see an increase in sales and revenue as a result of including them on your site. Choose a review product like Reevoo or BazaarVoice to host your reviews. These products make it easy to collect reviews with a simple link in email or social media. The results are all collected and displayed on your site without extra work. Here is what one display of reviews looks like on Dollar Shave Club.

A nice feature of marketing automation (and customer service software tools like Kayako) is workflows. These allow you to choose emails to send based on actions taken such as time on your list, links clicked, purchases made, and so on.

To collect more reviews, add a review email into your journey about a week after your product or service has been delivered. Thank you for your recent purchase with us. We hope you are happy with your purchase. Could you take a moment to leave a review. We really do appreciate having you as a customer, and we would like to say thank you for choosing us. This short email explains your gratitude for their purchase and lets them know how important they are to you, while also requesting a review.

Now that your review request campaign is set up, there are a few other ways you can push customers to leave reviews for your products.


She is a marketer and community manager for Inbound. Mary is passionate about nurturing and engaging communities to help provide an amazing customer experience. TwitterAdam shared this page link with me.

I sell my own private label toys and a few more steps on Amazon. Do you think I can use the above email template to request product review. We hope you are happy with your product. Could you take a moment to leave a review on amazon. Let others know how happy you are with your order (We really do appreciate having you as a customer, and we would like to say thank you for choosing us.

Taking feedback from customers in form of review is great for business and many customers before buying products search for reviews and after reading reviews they buy or order for the product. So it is really important for business to ask customer for reviews, thanks for the ideas and sharing the email template.

We hope everything is well with you. We wish you more success.The dictionary of input fields' ids and values used as input for the prediction. Specifies the type of strategy that a model or models in an ensemble will follow when a missing value needed to continue with inference in the model is found. Either 0, 1, or 2 to specify respectively whether the prediction is from a single model, an ensemble, or a logistic regression. The id of the field that it predicts in the model, ensemble, or logistic regression.

A string if the task is classification, a number if the task is regression prediction filterable, sortable A dictionary keyed with the objective field to get the prediction output for the model, ensemble, or logistic regression. An array with a prediction object for each model in the non-boosted ensemble.

An array of probability pairs for each category in the objective field. The parameters (k and class) given when a threshold-based combiner is used for the non-boosted ensemble. A list of the confidence (or expected error in the regression non-boosted ensemble) for each prediction candidate. Bad fields are ignored. That is, if you submit a value that is wrong, a prediction is created anyway ignoring the input field with the wrong value.

An ordered array of Predicate Objects in the decision path from the root to the current node or to a final decision if the the next predicate array is empty. Unknown fields are ignored. That is, if you submit a field that is wrong, a prediction is created anyway ignoring the wrong input field. An array of field's ids with wrong values submitted to build the model or logistic regression.

A status code that reflects the status of the prediction creation. Example: "my new centroid" private optional Whether you want your centroid to be private or not. A dictionary describing the centroid. See the Centroid Object definition below. This will be 201 upon successful creation of the centroid and 200 afterwards. Make sure that you check the code that comes with the status attribute to make sure that the centroid creation has been completed without errors.

This is the date and time in which the centroid was created with microsecond precision. Distance will be set to -1 if BigML can't computer a centroid for a point due to a missing numeric value. The dictionary of input fields' ids and values used as input for the centroid. In a future version, you will be able to share centroids with other co-workers or, if desired, make them publicly available.

This is the date and time in which the centroid was updated with microsecond precision.


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